Name of the Education
Course of Study: (B.Ed)

1. Response to challenges in Education
2. Learning for Human Development
3. Educational Management & Administration
4. Any one of the following Electives based on the availability in the  college
            (i)  Population Education
            (ii) Environmental Education
5. Optional I :Content –cum – Methodology
      (Related to main subject of Bachelor’s degree)
6. Optional II :Content –cum – Methodology

The Choice of Optional Subjects:
  1. Every candidate shall offer two optional subjects of which optional I should be based on the main subject of the Bachelorís degree course.
  2. ( A candidate with Bachelorís Degree in any language i.e. English, Functional English, Tamil, Functional Tamil may offer the language of their specialization as equivalent to two optional subjects i.e. Teaching of special Language as Optional I and Teaching of General Language as Optional II.
  3. A candidate with Bachelorís Degree in the subject Ė Mathematics, Physical Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry), Biological Science (Botany/Plant Science, Zoology/ Animal Science, Microbiology) and Social Studies ( History, Geography, Political Science, Economics) may offer the subject of their specialization as optional I and Teaching of General language or teaching of other allied subject as the optional II as per the discretion of the Principal.
No Main Subjects in the Bachelor’s Degree Course (School Subject) Optional I (relevant to main subject of Bachelor’s Degree) Optional II
Teaching of Teaching of
1. Language / Functional language Special Language General Language
2. Mathematics Mathematics General Language or Computer Science or Physical Science
3. Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry Physical Science General Language or Mathematics or  Computer Science or Biological Science
4. Botany / Plant Science, Zoology/Animal Science, Microbiology Biological Science General Language or Physical Science or Home Science
5. History, Geography, Political Science, Economics Social Studies General Language


1. Intensive Practice Teaching: Intensive Practice teaching will be for a duration of 40 working days in a recognised high / higher / senior secondary school. During these days, observation of 10 teaching sessions and intensive practice teaching of 25 lesson plans (each of 45 minutes duration) in each optional subject should be completed.

2. Other Practical Works: Apart from the intensive practice teaching, the student – teachers have to complete the practicals and to maintain the records in the format: (a) Practicals related to Optional subjects – Microteaching, Test & Measurement,, AV Education and Preparation & use of instructional aids (b) Action research / Case Study (c) Psychology practicals (d) Camp or community work (e) SUPW and (f) Physical and Health Education.


No Code for Theory Name of the paper Code for Practical
1. BC1 Response to Challenges in Education ----
2. BC2 Learning for Human Development ----
3. BC3 Educational Management & Administration ----
4. BEE Environmental Education ----
BEP Population Education ----
5. B2T Teaching of General Tamil P2T
B2E Teaching of General English P2E
6. BIE Teaching of Special Tamil P1T
BIT Teaching of Special English P1E
B1M Teaching of Mathematics P1M
B1P Teaching of Physical Science P1P
B1B Teaching of Biological Science P1B
B1S Teaching of Social Studies P1S